With the North American leg Hardwell's massive I AM Hardwell arena tour approaching, fans may not know what to expect when the current DJ Mag #1 DJ hits a city near them. That's why we've sat down with the masterminds behind the tour, to give fans a behind the scenes look at what will ultimately set this tour apart from not just Hardwell's own tours, but the tours of the biggest artists in the industry. Check out the Q&A below!

From a technical and production standpoint, how does I AM Hardwell differ from Hardwell’s stage show at a festival or on previous North American tours?

1. Hardwell’s exclusive non-stop 3 hour set.

2. the fact that the show is tailor-made for Hardwell from start to the end, from visuals to stage design; every detail has been inspired by Hardwell’s music and his vision on that

3. As he gets to play a 3-hour set, it gives him all the freedom to play both his world known hits as well as his latest collaborations and newest tracks and to build up to an ultimate climax.

What was the vision behind I am Hardwell? How did you work with Hardwell to achieve this vision? Did he have any specific goals or objectives with 'I AM Hardwell?'

As you can see in the I AM Hardwell documentary, we’ve had extensive and intense brainstorm meetings with him to fully understand what his vision on this show is. After all of his latest successes he was entirely ready for his own world tour, and we wanted to ensure that all of his fans got an experience that illustrates everything he stands for in terms of music. Both his unprecedented energy and his passion are translated into this show and his 'I AM Hardwell' sets simply makes it impossible to stand still. It’s three hours of non-stop dancing. The vision = Hardwell as an artist but also Hardwell as a music lover.


Does the production for I AM Hardwell differ from region to region? Will the production in North America be different from that of the most recent dates on the World Tour?

Not specifically. Obviously each crowd is different and the North America leg of the tour consists of so many shows right after each other, but in terms of production there are no big differences comparison to other 'I AM Hardwell' shows.

Is there anything new or noteworthy that will be unveiled for the North American leg of I AM Hardwell?

The fact that these are the final shows of this world tour ever. If fans want to catch a very last glimp of this tour, they need to attend to one of the North American shows, because after MSG in New York, it will be time to close this chapter and move on to a new one.


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