Music aficionados out there with an LP collection have a handful of options to digitize and convert to an easily accessible electronic format. Below we summarize some helpful steps offered by Gizmodo. The most time-consuming part of it is getting your hardware in order and the process itself.

Start with the turntable, and if it has an:

a) analog-phono output -> run signal through a preamp -> through the receiver –> through the computer-audio interface -> into the computer

b) analog-line level -> plug directly into the computer audio-interface -> into the computer

c) digital output -> plus turntable directly into the computer and start recording

Those with an analog-phono output (includes a ground wire) require the most steps unfortunately, which are detailed further in the article. However, certain steps can be ignored depending on features your stereo has built into it and its age. Once you get past the hardware step, the process is a bit easier to actually start recording with certain nuances required to adjust audio quality and inputs. The only drawback of this method may be time, as you may find it takes much longer than other methods.

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