The great thing about the music scene today is that anyone can be plucked from obscurity and have a light shone on them to a much wider audience than they ever dreamed of. Thanks to the rise of the internet, getting heard is easier now than it ever has been before. All you need are good songs, social media accounts, and some luck to find the right ears for you tracks, and voila: a star is born.

Take Miami-based producer Henrix, for example. Unknown by most until the end of 2014, his tracks have since been played live by such tastemakers as Laidback Luke, Danny Avila, Steve Angello and AN21. Now, as festival season is about to begin, he has unleashed “Warrior” (Cr2), his track with Swedish duo Mason’s Rave, and already it is gaining new fans among the elite in the industry (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have already featured it on their popular radio show, “Smash The House”), as well as ravers in the club scene.

“Warrior” shows the world the potential that Henrix has to really elevate himself to the upper echelon of the EDM scene. It’s a very percussive-heavy song, as the melodic synths pound just as hard as the kicks in a staccato fashion. The use of snare rolls are a nice touch as well, giving the track an almost drum corps feel that works really well and showcases the originality Henrix possesses. Purchase the track on Beatport.

While 2015 is still very young, one can already see that big things are happening for Henrix. With more songs in the pipeline to be released in the coming months, as well as a monthly residence at LIGHT in Las Vegas, Henrix could soon reach the level where he is the one who becomes the revered tastemaker, plucking new artists from out of nowhere and showcasing them for the right ears to hear.

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