Miami's Henrix is back with a socially-conscious acid rave tune properly named "Acid, Rave, Sex" forthcoming on Thrive Music. The track features what sounds like Stephen Hawking's vocal synthesizer, which definitely adds an air of authority to the tune's statement.

The main message is one of unity, preaching that drugs are irrelevant to raving and harping on their use is a straw man's argument. Claiming people attend raves and festivals only to do drugs is like alleging that people go to restaurants exclusively for the moist towelettes. Raving is about letting go of life's demands and enjoying the present moment with friends. The experience is a cleansing ritual where you're granted permission to let go and be free, as opposed to the other 95% of American life where you're injected with fear intent on keeping you as constrained as possible.

When the city of Miami tried to outlaw Ultra Music Festival, Henrix responded with a powerful statement delivered with a 303 bass line. The message is blatantly clear: If people aren't given a positive outlet to express their emotions, they'll find another one that might not be as positive as dancing to loud music, as we've seen throughout history.

In a clever attempt to get the word out about this track and it's message, Henrix has arranged a contest for you and one of your friends. How does a flight to vegas, hotel room, VIP guest list and the chance to party with the mastermind behind "Acid Rave Sex" in Daylight Las Vegas's green room sound? Enter here and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

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