What comes to my mind when I think of Halloween is “freaking epic.” This year I was fortunate enough to obtain a press pass to Denver’s main Halloween attraction—the Haunted Houses and Spooky Tings tour with Skrillex vs. Knife Party at the 1st Bank Center! When I say “freaking epic” it really is an understatement because this show was so much more than that. This event was a live theatrical experience that took you out of this world and threw you right into a monster themed dance party.

I putt on my custom made Pikachu costume and headed to the 1st Bank Center at 7:45 PM. I arrived and the stage was spectacular to say the least! There was a giant 2 story wooden house right in the middle of stage with fake tombstones, giant LED screens, and stretched projection fabric surrounding it. The details about this stage set up made me feel like I was in a Freddy vs. Jason movie. It was absolutely incredible.

Before I know it the first DJ, Zane Lowe, kicks the night off on the first floor of the haunted house and our 10 minutes in the pit begin. Zane Lowe style was Trap music that had a lot of glitch sounding elements in the songs. I could tell he was feeling it because he liked to hop on the microphone asking how everybody else was feeling and he was bopping around like a kid in a candy store—pun intended.

Next up was the upcoming Trap music extraordinaire, Baauer. He melted the 1st Bank Center down and after that set I’m excited for the next time I get to see him. Kill the Noise took the stage after Baauer. The crowd needed a little bit more roughness to their bass after listening to 2 full hours of Trap music to heighten their anticipation for the supreme headliners. All I have to say is Kill the Noise kills. I am never disappointed when I see him because his style of music has always evolved with what I am into the most at that time. This guy just gets EDM and he is a master of the craft.

Tommy Trash was carefully placed to play after Kill the Noise because he spins mainly Electro-House awesomeness. Mr. Trash has been making his way to becoming a legend because all I heard at this show is how memorable he is. And that he was. Tommy Trash is the ultimate Electro-House music guru with his crazy head banging. He loved it, which made me love, his set even more and it was hard to keep snapping photos during my 10 minutes in the pit because I couldn’t help myself from dancing.

And so it finally began… Skrillex vs. Knife party took the stage to a raging crowd of screams and tears. Mostly everyone didn’t fully understand that Skrillex and Knife Party would be playing together but once everyone, including myself, figured it out we all went completely bonkers. Skrillex and Knife Party stood out on the 2nd floor and the music blared out into the crowd and the haunted house windows lit up in colors, the fog machine shot upwards, and fire sparked up where the fog was to create the effect that the house was on fire. It was astoundingly theatrical. I could feel the heat of the fire spitting out and I started to sweat. The visuals of the stage truly enhanced the experience.

To say it simply: I had a phenomenal time at the Haunted Houses vs. Spooky Tings show. The show was extremely exhilarating. Skrillex, Knife Party, Kill the Noise, Tommy Trash, Baauer, and Zane Lowe put on one of the greatest shows I have ever seen.

Written By: Stacy Morrow

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