Written By: Lina Abascal

Infamous event production company HARD shocked San Francisco when they announced what was actually the hippest movie advertising campaign, a free concert called "Mouth Taped Shut." The concert was headlined by Major Lazer, unpredictable dance group previously DJs Diplo and Switch, but which now is made up of Diplo, MC Walshy Fire, and wild female dancer Pink. The crowd definitely noticed only one man behind the DJ booth but didn't seem disappointed by their screaming, booty shaking, and constant attempts to get onstage.

All three levels of the Warfield theater were packed with San Francisco's die hard electronic music fans who had to RSVP online, pick up tickets a day in advance, and wait in line to ensure their admittance to the venue.

Diplo remixed electro banger after Top 40 favorite including his own Grammy nominated track, "Look At Me Now," by Chris Brown while Walshy Fire hyped the crowd without overpowering any tracks vocals. Big Sean's "Dance" inspired dozens of girls to go wild, from taking their shirts off, to dancing onstage and on speakers.

"I've been working with Major Lazer for five months, and this was one of the best shows, the crowd just knew what was going on," said Pink, who has been dancing since three, and traveling with groups since eighteen.

Short Clip from the show:

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