hard fest

Holy Ship! Official Recap Video
We have posted Steve Aoki's recap video and Rony Alwin's recap video for Holy Ship! Now we finally have one for Hardfest. After watching all three, we wish there was another one tomorrow. Enjoy the video and until the next Holy Ship!
HARD Summer 2012 Official Trailer
HARD Summer dates have been announced in a perfectly put trailer with footage from the last festival. The dates are August 3rd and 4th at the LA State Historic Park in Downtown Los Angeles.
The artists are to be determined but as we all know, HARD never lets us down...
Hard x Mouth Taped Shut: Major Lazer Show Review
Written By: Lina Abascal
Infamous event production company HARD shocked San Francisco when they announced what was actually the hippest movie advertising campaign, a free concert called "Mouth Taped Shut." The concert was headlined by Major Lazer, unpredictable dance group previously DJs Di…
Dita Von Teese to Perform Aboard Holy Ship!

Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese has joined the crew of January’s electronic music cruise Holy Ship! Known for her retro cinematic striptease performances, (and for once being Mrs. Marilyn Manson), Von Teese will add a dash of old school feminine charm to the cruise’s male dominated lineup when she s…