Written by Leeah Odom.

I need sunglasses.

Large, reflective, neon, sunglasses.

Friday night (11.11.11), Pacha NYC was taken over by the vivacious sounds of Carl Kennedy, Dirty South --who, by the way, was celebrating his 33rd birthday, which is Tuesday, November 15th-- and DJ duo Ryan Marciano and Sunnery James.

To say these acts were “the (insert expletive here)!” would be an understatement.

At 11:30pm the crowd was just beginning to fill up.  Sunglasses and comfortable clothing were the dress code; any age; any ethnicity; and a good attitude were the qualifiers. As Kennedy controlled the crowd, he danced to his own rhythms; lost in the sound. The music reverberated off the walls and your soul, and you couldn’t help but dance with him.  Moving in unison, hands raised, jumping to the beat, the crowd cried with the sound of the train as the bass deepened and the energy soared to new heights.

Dirty South took the stage around 1:15am. Remixing modern classics like Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “How Long” and Diddy-Dirty Money - "Coming Home ft. Skylar Grey," the crowd sang and pulsated together. Dirty South met the crowd halfway by matching their vibrations with his own; smiling at fans that climbed on the shoulders of others to see him better and talking to the crowd as the rhythms invigorated the dance floor.

The party was nowhere near dying down at 3am when Ryan Marciano and Sunnery James stepped up to man the decks. The handsome House DJs sent partygoers into a veritable frenzy that lasted way past this writer’s bedtime.

Look out for our exclusive interview with Ryan and Sunnery in the first issue of elektro, out February 7, 2012!

Photographs of Dirty South at Pacha NYC by Joe Perez.

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