One great thing about dance music is that it often times connects other genres of music. Whether it be through mash-ups, remixes or edits, DJs and producers often throw curveballs at their fans with the addition of hooks and/or melodies from artists outside of the dance music world.

That's exactly what Los Angeles-based DJ-producer Goldroom has done with his cover of Fleet Floxes' popular track "Mykonos." The indie folk band is known for their beautiful, harmonious vocal melodies, which Goldroom does justice with his own vocals, while combining the track with his signature house/disco vibes.

Goldroom writes on the track's Soundcloud page, "I don't do covers very often, but this song has always hit me in a special way. It takes me away, and puts me in a different place. For the last couple of years I haven't sang on any of my recorded songs, but this cover felt special and I wanted my voice on it because of what it means to me. I was a bit nervous to live up to all of the amazing vocalists that I've worked with, but yes, that's me singing! I hope when you guys hear this it can do for you what the original always did for me. Hopefully it can transport you somewhere a bit sunnier, with someone you wish you could be with."

What's more is he has offered up this cover for download free of charge. Watch the music video above, and download the track via Goldroom's Soundcloud. Also, compare his cover with the original Fleet Foxes track below.

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