Coachella Valley Music Festival marked the final landing spot for Gesaffelstein LIVE, which showcased Mike Levy's (aka Gesaffelsetin) brilliant live mixing ability and dark, industrial-inspired techno sounds as the acclaimed French producer performs from his gold marble DJ booth. Even at the world famous festival, where large-scale production is applied to performances, Gesaffelstein utilized minimal lighting, simply beams and strobes as he has done throughout the entirety of his LIVE performances.

Anyone who was lucky enough to catch one of these rare performances will attest to the one-of-a-kind experience Gesaffelstein LIVE provides. Now, fans who were not so fortunate can see the LIVE show for themselves, thanks to Vimeo user Holden Kilgore. The video captures over a half-hour of the performance, complete with Gesaffelstein classics like "Control Movement," "OPR," "Pursuit," and no shortage of cigarettes.

In case you missed it, Gesaffelstein just announced another monumental collaboration to add to his impressive resume, which includes works alongside artists like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky. It comes as a co-produced track with legendary French composer and producer Jean-Michel Jarre. Check out details on their collaboration "Conquistador," which marks Jarre's first original track since 2007.

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