Revolt TV, the brand new music television channel from Diddy, officially launched tonight. While also airing via Comcast and Time Warner Cable, the station launch also streamed live at With all of the hype and speculation surrounding the new channel, its launch showed Diddy had some tricks up his sleeve.

Diddy introduced his new project as "The New #1 Name in Music," and claiming it would deliver music in ways that channels like MTV fall short. In surprising fashion, the channel's first piece of content was Notorious B.I.G.'s music video for "Juicy," which viewers soon found out would prelude segments of Diddy from the stoop of Biggie's house in Brooklyn. Diddy explained that just as B.I.G. was ahead of his time, he would've predicted the launch of a music channel with that same characteristic, and would revolutionize music television.

Diddy seemingly sent a message to the hip-hop world with the show's opening (also, pointing out the trend of "copy cat artistry," as well). However, one question we had for Revolt TV is how will the channel integrate dance music? Interestingly enough, those questions were answered quickly. Following the video for "Juicy" was the video for "Hate Or Glory" by Gesaffelstein; another strong message, and one that showed Revolt TV had no intention of leaving electronic music out of the equation.

However, they did not stop there. The fourth video ran during the show's launch was Disclosure's "F For You." Another Diddy curveball, and hinted that perhaps dance music would play a much bigger role than originally thought.

An interesting dynamic of EDM's presence on this revolutionary new channel is that it is bringing together audiences of every genre to one channel, and exposing fans of hip-hop, rock, alternative, and more to dance music (and vice versa). Even with the EDM fanbase continually growing, what Revolt TV is doing may even further boost its popularity, while giving the lesser prevalent artists of electronic music (like Gesaffelstein) the exposure they would not receive otherwise. Certainly, we hope to see this trend continue for this new music channel.

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