The collaboration from Diplo, Yellow Claw, and Waka Flocka Flame, "Techno," now has a video accompaniment, and it's not what fans may have been expecting. The music video explores the dangers of using illicit substances, as it depicts a young girl that takes what appears to be ecstasy at a club, leading to her overdose.

Sadly, this has become a common occurrence in the dance music world, with drugs like "Molly" being widely used by event attendees. This comes not long after Electric Zoo released their PSA as part of their 'Come To Life' campaign, which urged fans not to "miss the moment" by being under the influence.

While the EZOO PSA fell short for the most part with making an impact, this video shows the grim reality of drug-related deaths, from its depiction of overdose's horror, to the sadness of loved ones effected. The video drives the point home by ending with "Drugs Are Not Worth The Risk." We commend these artists for putting their best foot forward in promoting responsible behavior amongst fans. Check out the music video for "Techno" above.


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