While French DJ Laurent Garnier might exist on an entirely different plain to your Afrojacks and Swedish House Mafias of this world, he's been considered one of the world's finest spinners for over 20 years, so a visit to New York was an occasion not to be missed for the city's dedicated clubbers.

The venue chosen was the supreme Electric Warehouse in the heart of Brooklyn, a converted trolley repair station already know for hosting all manner of underground events. There's nothing quite like a converted industrial space for bringing that old-school rave vibe.

Everyone was up for a late start, with punters only arriving in large numbers after 1 a.m. Garnier hit the decks shortly after 2 a.m. and was greeted by a cheer from the crowd who'd by then assembled by the stage. The euphoria was instant.

As a DJ Garnier has often been associated with the underground techno sound born in the late '80s in America's own Motor City of Detroit, but he's also famous for being one of the most eclectic spinners you'll ever hear - throwing in everything from house to rave to drum and bass in his sets. This time he was sporting his new 'live' setup - not on the same level as the spectacular full band ensemble he toured with in support of his last album in 2009, but more of an extension of his DJing that saw him working several keyboards along with the crossfader.

While Laurent Garnier might still be a new name to many dance fans, there's every chance you'll be seeing a lot more of him in the US (anyone keen to hear out his most famous club anthem should check out Man With The Red Face (insert YouTube link). New York dance fans would also be well advised to check out any and every event put on by the Blkmarket party crew who were responsible for Saturday night, as they've clearly got their finger on the pulse of quality underground club music.

Written By: Angus Peterson

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