The official video for Flying Lotus' "Tiny Tortures" has been released. This music video stars Elijah Wood, who portrays a man who has lost one of his arms. The video reveals that he used to be a baseball player, who's dreams of playing have been crushed by his accident. He appears to be dreaming in the video, as the objects in his room begin to float together and form a robotic-like arm in place of his missing one. He falls into a deeper state of dreaming as he ventures into a glowing world where he has his his arm and ability to play baseball again, until waking up to find that having only one arm is his reality. "Tiny Tortures," which is featured on Flying Lotus' new album, "Until The Quiet Comes," exhibits the unique style of this producer. His electronic sound is unmatched, using subtle sound effects to create a production with a dream-like sound, which makes its this video a very fitting accompaniment to the track. Flying Lotus' "Until The Quiet Comes" is available now as a release of Warp Records.