If you’re headed to Miami this weekend to kick off Miami Music Week madness, you’ll want to check out this new track, especially if you’re a fan of Dutch duo, Firebeatz. They’ll be playing several shows throughout the week and is sure to drop their latest track, “Gangster.” This track takes its listeners on a roller coaster ride, leading your ears through twists and wicked turns. It catches you off guard, starting you off with a seemingly standard intro sequence, with subtle undertones of bubbling energy. Then the song hits the 37th second and proceeds to blow your mind! The heavy beats sway your entire body into submission, giving you an almost eerie realization that you only thought you knew what you were in for. The track goes between the catchiest rift and solid electro house full of genuine drive and adrenaline. Check out “Gangster”, fresh out of Spinning Records, above! Pick up the track on Beatport here.

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