Felix Cartal’s banger “New Scene (ft. Ofelia)” (Dim Mak) seems to be the track du jour these days for young producers to remix, so any rising EDM star who wants to throw their track into the mix better leave a lasting impression with their offering. Thankfully, Los Angeles native Deorro is up to the task, providing everyone a blueprint on how to create a remix that is faithful to Felix’s in spirit, but wholly original in it’s own right. The remix is full-on electro house, with rising synths and driving kicks punctuated by samples of Ofelia inhaling, before everything drops out to introduce the vocals and guitar line while claps keep the beat. The drop is heavy, with bass that shakes the room and synths that get you moving.

Deorro does a good job of layering sounds, giving certain ones a more subtle feel that enhances the song and makes it feel more robust, and it’s these tricks of the trade that make him one of the most exciting producers today. Deorro has been building his PandaFam fan base with every track he produces, and this remix will no doubt grow that base even bigger.

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