As if his gig at Finale on Friday night wasn’t enough, the Dutch master Fedde Le Grand hit New York City last Saturday with full gale force beats. The stop was a part of the pioneer’s “Road to Ultra” tour, in which he’ll make tour stops across the country until making the final and most anticipated stop in Miami for UMF. He gave the rambunctious New York City crowd exactly what they yearned for, obviously not satiated from his earlier performance. He had the entire club eating from the palm of his hand as is customary during his one of his sets, so much so, that Pacha’s floor level was literally shut down due to extreme capacity. As expected, the Utrecht native went into high gear right from the get-go. Although he moved between his more Euro-centric club house beats and more commercial hits, Fedde made sure to always maintain the high energy level. Whether it was through sexy, minimal basslines, big-room melodies, or drops from his classic catalogue – the club went wild putting their hands up for Detroit – he made sure he delivered the crowd a heavy serving of nonstop dance and love. After playing until 4:30 in the morning, Fedde introduced his right-hand duo, Sultan & Ned Shepard, to provide the crowd with the perfect dose of afterhours beats until the night’s end. Having seen Fedde on multiple occasions, it’s always a welcomed surprise to see that the incredible producer and DJ gives more than enough reason to always come back for more!

Written by: Brian Merlano

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