Techno giant, UMEK, is taking on Fedde Le Grand’s inescapable 2011 hit, “Metrum." The track found itself right at home in nearly every festival and podcast set for what felt like ages - and you never heard us complain about it either. Now the original’s unmistakeable beats and sky-topping atmosphere are left intact but taken to the underground depth of techno with this rework. At a blissful seven minutes, the remix’s simple kick drums make for relentless grooving. After the breakdown from the three-to-four minute marks get you ready for one of the sexiest drops ever, you’ll be left spinning in blissful delight the whole night through. Included in Toolroom Record’s celebratory “TEN” compilation, revisiting “Metrum” has us excited for another decade of Toolroom’s forward-thinking productions. Check out the “Metrum” rework below and pick up a copy on Beatport!

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