We all know too well the price we pay for being lovers of all things dance music and nightlife: the hangover. With weekend marathons that are often fueled by a shot of this and a mix of that, Monday mornings are as grim as ever thanks to pounding headaches and draining puking. Aside from not being a good look, we’re often left beat and useless for an entire day. However, now a new kind of club in Las Vegas promises to rid us of all the bad parts of binge drinking! REVIV, located at the MGM Grand, promises to kick you hangover to curb in less than half an hour with shots or IV packs stocked with replenishing vitamins and anti-inflammatories.
Though this may sound too good to be true, it seems the new spot has gotten rave reviews and intense traffic, with an average customer rate of 100 people per day. “I’m not going to say some are skipping out,” says REVIV co-owner and site physician Dr. Andrew Garff, “though some actually have.” Promising a sterile environment and medical clearing for safe and desired results, REVIV seems to be the answer to our weekly prayers. And don’t be bummed if you think you have to book a flight to Vegas for this miracle cure. In time, REVIV plans to open locations in New York, Los Angeles and some European cities aside from their current Vegas and South Beach posts. Read more about the REVIV here!

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