Record labels drive electronic music and are the ever-present eyes and ears scoping for talent and the next big sound. Since 1999 Spinnin’ Records has done just that. “We really have to find the new trends,” says Eelko van Kooten, founder of Spinnin’ Records. “We have to be the tastemakers rather than follow the taste.”

Spinnin’ works hand in hand with artists to shape their music and create a sound that will ultimately be successful. “We have a good relationship with all our artists—there is a mutual understanding that we can really help each other to increase potential and success,” van Kooten explains.

Along with a strong platform in creative, marketing and promotion, Spinnin’ Records has an unparalleled Internet presence. “Normally, as a record label, you had to promote, sell and distribute your tracks and your music locally, but on the Internet it’s globally,” van Kooten says. “We’re now the biggest label online of all genres.”
Spinnin’ Records is showing no signs of slowing down. “Every day we are working to find the best music. Then we build it. We love what we do, and I think that’s what’s most important,” van Kooten says. “It all starts with good music.”

Written by: Jacob Marmor

Photo Credit: Roy de Ruiter