Written by Colleen Laughlin

    It’s nearing 1 a.m. at the annual Halloween Pier of Fear event at Pier 94 in New York, and British producer/DJ Michael Woods is reaching the climax of his progressive-house journey.
The elektro team has gathered backstage, anxiously awaiting the arrival of tonight’s headlining act, for whom we have exciting news to share before he hits the decks for his highly anticipated set.

He’s impossible to miss when he arrives backstage, ushered past security gates with presidential-like precision. The 6-foot-5 producer/DJ is a head taller than everyone around him. Heads impulsively turn as he maneuvers through the crowd toward the DJ booth. Even if those around don’t recognize him, Calvin Harris certainly looks like someone you ought to know. He’s wearing the unmistakable uniform of a DJ—black T-shirt, dark-wash jeans and designer sneakers—and exudes an air of someone’s who’s spent many years in the spotlight.

Calvin Harris has won a Grammy, earned a top spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs Poll, has his six-story likeness posted on the side of the Las Vegas MGM Grand, and is the highest-paid DJ in the world according to Forbes. The man has garnered an intimidating amount of accolades this year alone, and although an award for Artist of the Year may seem long overdue, the elektro crew is here to present Harris with yet another trophy for his mantel.

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