Robert van de Corput has grown exponentially over the past few years from an up and coming artist to the international superstar we know today as Hardwell.

Hardwell’s truly inspiring rise to the top is captured in his documentary, I Am Hardwell. Through behind-the-scenes footage, videographer Robin Piree is able to give audiences an interesting look into the DJ’s transformation as a person and as an artist. In van de Corput’s own words: “It’s more about what I’ve been through in the last three years. You get to see my whole biography, then what happened the last three years, all my releases in the studio, all the backstage footage. It’s kind of interesting to watch this normal kid from Breda getting so popular as a DJ.”

Hardwell’s encouraging story and the captivating cinematography truly make I Am Hardwell the best documentary this year.

Written by: Chelsea Gamarra

Photo Credit: Rukes