On September 13th, 2013, two-time Grammy-nominated producer Avicii released his debut studio album, True, under the newly founded PRMD Records. Rather than replicating tracks from his earlier mainstream success, Avicii decided that True would be more experimental and synthetic than his earlier work. Steering away from the typical drop that has flooded the electronic music scene, Avicii wanted to bring back the melodic groove in which house music was founded.

The album was intended to attract a wide variety of music fans by incorporating elements from various genres into the songs so that it could be listened to on and off the dance floor. Through collaborations with many different artists, Avicii beautifully fused dance music with elements of soul, funk and bluegrass, creating an album that is sonically genius. When the album’s lead single, “Wake Me Up,” was released in June, the folk track quickly topped charts around the world. That month the single was played 1 million times per day on Spotify alone.

It’s safe to say that True will not be the last innovative album created by the young Swede, but until his next creation, we will have the nine-track, 60-minute album on repeat.

Written By: Brittany Drygas

Photo By: Alex Wessely

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