The Mad Decent Block parties have become a staple event of the summer. We sat down with Jasper Goggins of Mad Decent to discuss the origins of the event's and more. Also check out the exclusive premiere of the Toronto recap above.

What inspired the creation of MDBP? In the spring of 2008, Diplo decided he wanted to do a party in the street outside of our home at the time, the Mad Decent Mausoleum in Philadelphia. It was a total DYI situation - we secured a $30 permit from the city, bought some caution tape, went to Costco in the morning for burgers, hot dogs and cases of water, bought a couple pop up tents from Walmart, convinced John Hiltz to come set up some sound for basically nothing and got all our friends to DJ. That was it! We wanted to do something cool for the neighborhood and have a fun thing our friends and kids in Philly to come hang out. The clean up crew was literally the people that had been there all day partying - Wes handed out trash bags at the end of the day and asked everyone to pitch in to clean up the street.

What makes these events special? From those humble beginnings, we've brought the Block Parties to additional cities, staged them in bigger and more formal venues, with more established talent, proper sponsorship, etc. The thing that keeps these events special is the idea that we are still doing these things for the fans, the people in the cities we visit and anybody who wants to come. The Block Parties are totally inclusive - entrance has always been free and we welcome all ages. In addition to the music, we try to have fun items at each spot like dunk tanks, food trucks etc and we give away a ton of stuff. The idea is still to just create a fun summertime event that is open to everybody.

There is such an eclectic mix of artists and genres, what made you decide to go this route rather then keep one genre? Part of the eclectic mix of artist is keeping with the open and inclusive nature of the block parties themselves, and part of that is just a reflection of our record label. If you look at our roster you'll see artists and groups like Bosco Delrey, PO PO, Bonde Do Role, and Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross in addition to the the DJs and producers we are more well known for (Diplo, Rusko, Dillon Francis, etc). The Block Party lineups reflect both our personal tastes and our style as a record label. We've never been interested in keeping things to just one genre.

Who do you think will be the breakout star of the MDBP? Either RiFF RAFF or Bonde Do Role. I don't think too many people really know what to expect from either of them, but the fans are ready and their respective live sets are killer.

What city has the wildest crowd? Tough to beat the live energy of Philadelphia. They own this thing and they are still the city that "gets it" the best.

Why make the MDBP all-ages? Mad Decent is for the children.

Describe MDBP in 3 words: Free Fun Everybody

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