The first day ended with a bang and the second looked just as promising. After watching Krewella kill it we found out some super exciting news, we were going to interview Thomas Gold after his set! Even though it was super loud behind the main stage we still got to hang with Thomas Gold in front of a tie dye hippie van and get the low down on his upcoming tracks and experiences thus far!

Us: Hey Thomas! What do you think of the Veld?

Thomas Gold: Well this is my first year playing and it’s beyond anything I expected, the crowd is completely out of control!

Us: Are there any new released or collaborations we could look forward to in 2013?

Thomas Gold: Yes actually I’m in the final stages of putting out my solo track ‘Remember’ on Axtone Records and I have two collaborations coming out within a couple weeks, one with Deniz Koyu and one with Otto Knows.

Us: How’d you get in contact with the Axtone Crew?

Thomas Gold: They actually reached out to me at first to do the “Blow Up” remix and after I sent them back a few drafts Axwell asked me if we could work on the remix together. I was like, “Wow, of course!” Now I have the same manager as the former Swedish House Mafia so I’m part of the family and it’s awesome ☺

Us: Did you have any mentors while you were coming up as a DJ/Producer?

Thomas Gold: No I actually did everything myself. I think there’s a great deal you can learn from just listening to others, reading and first hand experience. I always tried to find my own style out of the infinite possibilities out there!

Us: Who are your favorite up and coming producers as of now?

Thomas Gold: Well there are a lot of random names popping up and I’m still waiting to see who’s really going to distinguish themselves from the crowd but I really like Dannic and Dyro. I think they’re soon to be very big!

Us: Ok, and now it’s time for a question for the true Thomas Gold fans…. What did you have for dinner last night?

Thomas Gold: Haha I had steak with beans and carrots!

Us: Haha, so if you want to be like Thomas Gold, eat steak! OK this is Elektro Mag signing out, peace!

By Mark Wolf & Ralphio Louis

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