Last Wednesday we had the opportunity to witness big fish Sander van Doorn perform in Sirius XM’s Electric Aquarium. Fans of Sander gathered around the glass aquarium as the Sirius XM host began to interview van Doorn on upcoming releases and ADE. Once the interview came to a finish, van Doorn took his place behind the booth to begin his phenomenal 45 minute set, with fans alternating to view him in the Electric Aquarium. After his set, van Doorn was so grateful for all his fans coming out on a week night that he made sure to get a picture with each and every one of them. Thankfully for us, we had the extra opportunity to catch up with van Doorn after all his fans had left.

Let’s start off with ADE. Tell us about your experience there and your opening night.

SvD: ADE for me this year was phenomenal! I did the Wednesday nights, which is kind of like the opening for the Amsterdam Dance Event and I played a set at Escape which was also my Doorn Records Label night. The label night was to start off a new concept of Doorn Records on tour, which I opened up with Moguai and Quintino. It was an absolutely amazing, sold-out night with a lot of competition that night as well.

Your latest tour is going to feature new visuals and lights, yet even with the new production you and your team are maintaining prices for all your fans.

SvD: Absolutely! That’s the thing you know. I definitely want to invest in a concept but I think since it’s a lot of DJs from Doorn Records performing throughout the night, we have now around 30 artists under the label, instead of investing in all the massive screens and playing visuals that everyone’s already seen, we want it to be all about the music. That right there is going to be the core of the whole tour.


“Direct Dizko” is set to be released on November 25th. Tell us about your production behind it.

SvD: Actually “Direct Dizko” was a remix I made about six years ago for S.O. Project, it was one of my all time favorite techno records I think from 1998; So I had the opportunity to remix it and I did it. Since my remix became almost an entirely new track, we decided to make a completely new version of it - a 2013/14 version of it. The song is pretty classical, so we believe it’s a good time to reintroduce the track to a whole new crowd. “Direct Dizko” will be released the 25th of November.

Doorn Records has had an amazing past year with hits such as “Tsunami” and the upcoming “Flute”. Tell us how you feel after a great year.

SvD: It has been a phenomenal year. It started pretty relaxed as any other year, and then I got more and more tracks sent to me. Obviously with the success of my records over at Beatport, I believe a lot of artists really connected to my sound, so they wanted to have their tracks released on Doorn as well. I started to do some A&R, listening to a lot of tracks and it just started building, even snowballing. That’s how we got to “Tsunami” and now we even have another huge follow up with “Flute."

You, with help from special guests Julian Jordan and Arty, are set to play Pacha NYC on New Years Eve, how excited are you?

SvD: It will be my return to Pacha; I played Pacha last year and it was a phenomenal night. Actually only a few weeks back I received the confirmation that Pacha NYE would be happening. It is going to be one big party and I hope to see all my fans there!

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