Fans of Hot Since 82 here in the states have only been able to dream about being abducted, blindfolded and brought to an unknown location by the U.K. DJ-producer. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t be alarmed. Last year, Hot Since 82 introduced a unique new live show concept that involves abducting a group of fans (willingly, of course), blindfolding them and bringing them to a secret location, where they are treated to a live performance from Hot Since 82. After that, the fans are released, even if they don’t want to be. The first ‘Taken’ event took place in Central London on August 16, 2014. Shortly after, he released the video recap of the event, which shows that it was just as cool as it sounds. Watch the aftermovie below.

Not long after announcing that the event would be coming to Los Angeles on May 23, Hot Since 82 has announced that he will be brining "Taken" to the New York City area on June 20. Watch the trailer above, and head to the event’s official webpage to sign up to be taken by Hot Since 82!

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