It's 1 am on a friday night and the Elektro gang was fortunate enough to get an exclusive interview with the yung gawd Borgore before his killer headline set at Mansion. Borgore kept it 100 and gave us a real glimpse into his reality so without further adieu:

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Interview with Borgore

Are you excited to be in Miami and playing Mansion?

Borgore: Yeah, fuck yeah dude. 100%. Are you excited to be in Miami and interviewing someone?

I'm more excited than you could imagine right now... fanboy times. What's been your favorite gig to date? If you had to pick one.

Travis [Music Director for Mansion]: He hasn't played here yet!

I'll take that as Mansion...

Borgore: Uh, yeah I'll say Mansion.

So seeing as you are the 'Booty Monsta' What city has the best booties?

Borgore: You know, I keep saying this interview after interview... Can you tell me what you like more, sushi or steak?, I actually can't.

Borgore: Exactly! So one day you wanna have a brunette, the other day you wanna have a blondie. One day you wanna have a russian chick, one day you wanna have a latin chick! There's no one city dude, they're everywhere! BUT! Miami has an incredibly high percentage of hot chick! It's insane, unreal!

Awesome! What's the best food you've had on tour?

Borgore: Drunken hummus and carrots after the show... or mac n cheese with tuna after the show. I don't know, after show drunken food is the best food! I don't usually see myself in the kitchen but every time I'm drunk after a show I just start cooking!

Chef Borgore!

Borgore: Yeah, all of a sudden I'm a master chef. Making sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly, feelin' like a boss! Feelin' like Gordon Ramsy! Turn up!

What softwares/plugins are you using right now?

Borgore: I use Ableton 9, and I think the best synth for electro-house is Sylenth, and the best synth for Dubstep basses is Massive or TI-Virus.

Awesome! Where do you see yourself headed as an artist, any particular plans for 2014?

Borgore: I'm really ADD, sometimes it takes me 8 months to finish a song and sometimes it takes me a day. Today I did a remix in like 4 hours but then I'm working on another song simultaneously that I've been working on for a year and I'm still not happy with.

Very insightful. What was the remix for?

Borgore: It was for Seven Nation Army cause everyone's always chanting it everywhere. It would be sick to drop it.

Hahah yeah, every time you get a crowd together is always *duhh- duh duh duhh duhhhh uhhh* [Seven Nation Army Chant]

Borgore: Yeah dude, crowds love that shit. It's almost like a football chant.

Alright, I know this is kind of a deep question, but how did being in the army affect your music career and your life in general?

Borgore: The army made me fucking horny! For three years all I've seen was guys! That's the only thing I saw. When I got out of the army I was like fuck this, I'm gonna go around the world and fuck chicks from every fucking country!

You're the fucking man, Borgore *daps* that was so real. What tools do you recommend to budding producers? Any particular videos or books?

Borgore: I think that everything is practice. Everything is just like trying and learning from failures. When I started producing I didn't know what a reverb or a delay were. I just put a reverb on something and was like ohh this makes it sound like this! I put a compressor on, and was like ohh this makes it sound like this. It's like sports, if you wanna be Michael Phelps and win all the fucking medals you gotta work out 18 hours a day and become the best producer [in my case].

Interview by: Mark Wolf

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