Who is Whiiite? Whiiite is the product of an illegal experiment gone wrong. Chris White was kidnapped outside the Avalon in Hollywood on May 12, 2012... He returned to the venue on May 14th delirious and with no recollection of the events of the previous 72 hours... go to soundcloud.com/whiiite to read the entire police report and assessment.

At what age did you start to get into music? I (Chris White) have been into music my whole life from a very young age. Whiiite has all the same knowledge I do but sees the world in a much different way and makes music that is quite different than my own.

Who are your musical influences? Whiiite seems to pull influence from film scores...Hans Zimmer, the Dust Brothers, Trent Reznor... with an emphasis on bass music drops

You have produced official remixes for Rusko & Cypress Hill, Nelly Furtado, and Tonite Only. How did these come about? We've known Rusko for many years thru our party CONTROL at the Avalon on Fridays, my management and his management are very close. Interscope had been a supporter of my other project DJ Mr. White for some years now, we gave Nelly a Whiiite "Parking Lot" remix and she liked it. Tonite Only, I've been a fan of since "We Run the Night" and I asked if Whiiite could do a remix of their latest single "GO" which they agreed to which was awesome.

If you can produce or remix a track with any artist, who would it be with (Any Genre)? Aphex Twin

Tell us the inspiration behind 'Whiiite Begins.' Whiiite Begins was a very long process over a year... We were writing the comic book as we were writing the music. So each track on the EP will match the storyline of first comic book, almost like the score to a film but instead the score to the comic story. The comic Whiiite Begins will be out in Mid- Late December. For now it will be available solely on the Whiiite website www.IamWhiiite.com . Also all of the collaborators on the EP will become their own characters inside the Whiiite story in issues to come.

How did the EP end up on Vicious Bitch Recordings? I (Chris White) did a remix for Vandalism some years back for a song they had called "Rockin'" and Andy from Vandalism is one of the A&R guys at Vicious... I sent him some of the early Whiiite stuff and they really got behind the project from the beginning so we went with them.

You have gotten such amazing love from blogs across the country for this EP. How does it feel? Really great! I know Whiiite is glad his music has been well received and the more outlets that know the Whiiite story and how to protect him the better the chances are that he won't fall to the villains that seek his abilities...

Tell us about the collaborations on the EP. Schoolboy, Valentino Khan, Kids at the Bar, Prima Volta... I can't say enough about these producers... Each is so talented in their own way and Whiiite seems to really thrive on bringing a variety of styles to the table.

Do you have any collaborations coming up that you can tell us about? A few, but most a secretive at this time... Don't want to give to much of the story away...

You recently played the Hyundai RE:MIX Lab event in LA. How was this event? Very fun! The event was set in downtown LA a block away from a few of my old residences. Much of the Whiiite story and concept came from the years I lived in Downtown so I am always a fan of any events there especially one's pushing new ideas/technology and remixes!

What can fans expect the rest of 2012 and into 2013? The "Houdini" music video which just dropped last week. The Whiiite Begins Graphic Novel slated for release around Christmas time. 'Whiiite Begins' Remix EP comes out today with remixes by Calvertron, Ect! Ect!, Protohype, Vandalism & Mr. Fluff and Sharooz + a free remix by Fyor. Much much more of the Whiiite Story along with new Whiiite originals and remixes.

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