We got a chance to chat with Rony Seikaly before his Art Basel event on December 7th at Wall in Miami. Check out what he had to say with regards to his new radio show, his music, and so much more.

You began DJing at a young age, but when did you learn how to produce music too? I started about seven years ago.

Were you self-taught, and did you find it to be a smooth transition? I was self taught. It's not always easy to produce what you like to play and it takes a lot of time and effort to produce the music you really want.

You recently began broadcasting your Ibiza Sunrise radio show – what's your goal for each show? It's called SUGAR FREE RADIO now and my goal is to give listeners a different taste of house music in its organic form.

Is it more about showcasing your own music or introducing listeners to new tracks from other artists you like? It's basically all the music I like and music within my style.

You've described your sound as "happy underground" – do you find it challenging to balance your sound with the demands of more mainstream crowds in bigger venues like Liv, et al.? Absolutely 100% I have been around house music since the late 80's and to me house music had fragmented into many different parts, but I will always stay true to the underground sound.

Do you alter your sets drastically depending on where you're playing? I used to, but not anymore. I have my own style of music and if people book me is for me to play my style Of music.

Which fellow DJ would you like to face off with on the court and why? I would probably challenge Marco Carola to play basketball because his marathon sets are 20 hours so he would have the stamina to keep up.

Which fellow DJ would you most like to play a back-to-back set with and why? Danny Tenaglia because I grew up on his music from the 90's and he's a legend.

Which former teammate would you most like to play a back-to-back set with and why? None of my former teammates ever liked house music. When I used to play it in my car they would tell me "turn that shit off".

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