Last week, ahead of his New York City debut at Pacha, Musical Freedom artist Baggi Begovic stopped by the elektro X Urbanears studio to pay us a visit. The Bosnian producer sat down to talk with us about life, music, and future plans. Check out the interview below to get the full scoop on this up and coming producer. Also, check out the exclusive stream of his critically acclaimed performance at Pacha August 23rd.

You have a unique life story. Do you mind telling us about it?

BB: I was born in Bosnia. I lived there until I was 15. I lost 80% of my family. I was there during the whole war. I left Bosnia in ’95, and came to the Netherlands. There I discovered house music. My life then was about more music and surviving. I was working at a club, trying to get support to play there. Then I started working in a record shop. After a couple of years, I got my own record shop. I had to leave the record shop once I got more serious about my music. I started producing. I started getting a lot of gigs in Europe, and here I am in New York now.

Were you living in the Netherlands when you were thinking about making music?

BB: I came to a little village next to Rotterdam. I met some guys that brought me to the club, and I heard the music for the first time. I thought “this is something new and I love it.” From that moment I started meeting more people who were playing and buying that music. I started buying vinyl, but I didn’t have turntables. People were throwing out their old equipment in the garbage, so I found a turntable. A guy lent me a mixer and I started trying to play music. It was a hard time without pitch control. Then I went out to Rotterdam to try to play at clubs. I was 15 at the time, so I wasn’t allowed to go inside. We stood in the road, and I heard a guy speaking with a Bosnian accent. He ended up knowing my Father, so he got me into the club. I met the owner, “I don’t care if I'm a bar back, just get me a job!” After 2 years I secured a residency and began my routine. Back in ’95-’97. I was Djing so much in the Netherlands I never really thought to try America.

What led to you being signed on Tiesto’s label Musical Freedom?

BB: I met him back before he was really famous in Rotterdam. He was working one block from my store, so we were all competing with each other to sell more records. Last year, I did tracks called “Free Falling” and “Chasing The Sun.” I sent him “Chasing The Sun” and he said, “Why didn’t you send this to be signed by me? Lets do something.” We did “Love & Run” together. Now I have two more coming on Musical Freedom.

Can you tell us anything about those upcoming releases?

BB: One is with Bobby Burns. It’s a really nice track, but we still have to change some drops. The other one...well, I can’t talk about that one yet. Next time.

Are there any other genres you see yourself going into in the future?

BB: I tried producing trap. I have a couple of them, but their unreleased. I’d like to do some hip-hop as well. I have some really cool beats. Its all about what your feeling in the studio. Basically, my focus is really progressive. It’s the music I really like to produce and play. Back in the day I did a lot of deep house. It has a cool vibe as well.

How has this summer been since your emergence, and what are your plans for the rest of the summer?

BB: I’ve been everywhere. First time in the US. I played in Miami. New York is going to be crazy. Then off to Ruby Skye in San Francisco. America is coming to me and I’m coming to America.

What DJ would you like to play alongside? What DJ would you like to party with? What DJ would you like to hug?

BB: I would like to DJ with Tiesto. Partying with Tiesto is always cool. He’s totally crazy. For DJ I would like to hug…that’s tricky…definitely Bambi. I love her; she’s such a good friend as well.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

BB: On top of the world. I don’t know, I can’t predict the future, so just a lot of hard work. I think the key is to work hard and play hard.

Is there anyone you want to give a shout out too?

BB: I'd like to give a shot out to elektro. You guys wrote about “Compromise” and I am really happy with it. Always love the support!

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