Helena has become one of Australia's hottest dance music exports. So much so, that she has picked up and moved to the US (LA, to be exact) to bring some of that Australian electro-house energy to us here in the states. However, that wasn't before she toured the country to get a total feel for the US scene. From the dance marathon of the week of EDC Las Vegas to a nostalgic night at Pacha NYC, you can take the ride with Helena above! Check out our exclusive interview with the Aussie star below.

How has your summer been since we last spoke?

Helena: It’s been good, I was back in Australia until I moved to Los Angeles. It’s been very different from back home.

How do you like the scene out there?

Helena: The scene in general in America, I love. I wouldn’t have moved over if otherwise. I feel like I got to the point in Australia where you hit a peak, when you start playing the same venues and same festivals over and over again. I felt it was definitely the right time to move, especially with being signed to Spin Agency last year, so I’ve been touring back and forth since January. I’ve just had some amazing shows out here. I’ve been loving the vibe in general, the scene is very fresh, and it’s really good to be a part of it as its evolving.

Do you have a favorite club in LA right now?

Helena: Create. It’s so much fun. The layout of the venue is really great, it’s almost like a warehouse with a great sound system, and it always brings a huge party crowd.

Did you have a most memorable show this summer?

Helena: Probably Pacha NYC. That was probably the best club I’ve ever been in in my life. From a DJ’s view, it’s checks every box. I just thought it was the coolest club to play in. I’m dying to go back.

What’s your favorite track to play out at your shows at the moment?

Helena: At the moment, I’ve been testing my own originals that I’m about to release. So right now, I’ve got a track called “Dakota” that I love to drop.

What can we expect from your upcoming releases?

Helena: Basically at the moment, my sets are made up equally of bigger, harder stuff, and melodic vocal stuff. I do love both, so I always want to make both. I have a big track called “Breathe,” which is a big electro banger, alongside “Dakota,” which is an electro-house track with tribal influence. Then I have a collab with Nilson called “Avenger,” which is a big room club banger. I also have two tracks coming out, “Sunlight” and “Wake Up,” which are vocal tracks, and have been stuck in my head for the past week. When its catchy like that, it’s a good sign.

What’s an item you can’t tour without?

Helena: iPhone.

Are there any artists that are inspiring your sound?

Helena: From Australia, there’s people like Dirty South, Tommy Trash, Nervo, and Bass Kleph. Other than that, it’s Wolfgang Gartner, Steve Angello, Nicky Romero, and Eric Prydz. I take a lot of influences from all of these guys and what they’re doing. Hardwell, Dannic, and Dyro too.

What DJ do you want to-
Spin with: Hardwell, it could be “Go Hardwell, Go Helena, or Go Home.”
Party With: Tommy Trash
Hug: DJ Sneak (because he seems so angry).

Check out a mix from Helena below!

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