Elektro is proud to celebrate EMI’s Electrospective series, which pays homage to electronic music’s long, storied history. We’re continuing our guided tour through EMI’s extensive, 600-plus album catalog; these tailor-picked recommendations are geared toward Elektro’s readers and are sure to open your eyes to artists and tracks that inspired the stars of today's scene.

Since the debut of her album Youth Novels in 2008, Swedish beauty Lykke Li has been revered for her unique brand of indie-electronica. Her sensuous voice is impressive in its range: mellow, on the honest, minimal “Little Bit” and pensive “Dance, Dance, Dance,” to energetic and outright sexy, like on the urgent “Get Some.” No matter the mood of the music, Lykke Li consistently crafts melodies that linger in your mind long after they stop playing.

The same is true of Juliet, who worked with legendary electronic producer Stuart Price (also known as Jacques Lu Cont and Thin White Duke) on her first album Random Order. The LP has a similar indie dance vibe, with hints of synth-pop –such as on “On The Dance Floor” – that make for radio-ready moments. Her beats vary from the darkly inviting “Avalon” to the rock-inspired, Garbage-esque “Would You Mind,” easily establishing her as a formidable musical force; she even collaborated with David Guetta on “Do Something Love,” a song from 2007’s Pop Life.

Even at their most brooding, Lykke Li and Juliet are no shrinking violets; rather, their music creates fully realized, well-rounded sonic versions of themselves, to which fans can’t help but relate.