Montreal native DJ-producer Eekkoo is not your everyday creator of electronic music. Most who know him are familiar with his music that is currently being released by Deadmau5's own imprint Mau5trap. However, many also know him as their professor, as  Eekkoo has been teaching at the Musictechnic academy in classes on mastering, sound synthesis, drum coding and more. Exploring his love for modular analogue synths, the Canadian producer has been teaching the ins and outs of music production for almost a decade.

After starting in hip-hop/r&b production, Eekkoo has travelled through many genres that he loves, until eventually making his way into techno. His seasoned production skills have made him a quality ghost producer and asset for mastering productions for many names in the dance industry. One listen to his finely tuned tracks reveal why he was the first artist to be followed by label head Deadmau5 back in November of 2012.

Eekkoo's contribution to recently released Mau5trap compilation We Are Friends Vol. 3, is his track "B61," and marks the release's most standout track. Supplying the compilation with some techno variety, Eekkoo has supplied a track that is fit for a Deadmau5 live set and an underground Parisian club simultaneously. Listen to the track below.