What's so interesting about the EDM explosion that has occurred in the US the past few years is that it has invaded every other genre of music. Dance music has been the catalyst to the progression of music. Recently, we have begun to see the the pop music of old and new combine. Afrojack took some studio time with Sting, and Skrillex hooked up with The Doors for the popular track, "Breakin' A Sweat." Now, young superstar, Cole Plante, has collaborated with the lead singer of the legendary rock band, Jane's Addiction; Perry Farrell (who is also the mastermind behind the world-famous festival, Lollapalooza).

The hard-hitting electro-house sounds of Cole Plante combine with the powerful vocals of Perry Farrell to create a perfect fusion of classic and modern sounds. Check out their creation, "Here We Go Now," above.

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