With releases on Pretty Lights Music and Soulection, Derek VanScoten has been gaining traction lately for his electronic tracks, but his roots in music extend much further back than that. He started playing guitar in rock bands as a kid, then studied audio engineering, classical guitar, acoustic, and motown. Since 2009 he's been releasing electronic music under the D.V.S.* moniker. His musical dreamscapes offer a joyful perspective: full of playful chimes and driving percussion. 

His remix of Disclosure's "Help Me Lose My Mind" is one of his greatest creations to date. Its hard to make a Disclosure song fresh again after a year blanketed by the U.K. brothers' hits and recent Grammy wins, much less revamp one of their hits and have it hold its own against the original. By stripping the track nearly bare, all the down to London Grammar's vocals, D.V.S.* was able rebuild an entirely new track. Disclosure acapellas are extremely scarce, however, so how did he manage to create such a unique track without the stems?

"I'd Been wanting to remix for quite a while... but it's hard to work with finished tracks. SOHN remixed a very sparse version of Disclosure's track so I used that... I gated or entirely chopped away the production when the vocals drop out."

By dropping the lowest frequencies out he was able to negate SOHN's bass; however, the higher octaves of SOHN's reharmonization of the original were still intermingled with the vocals, so D.V.S.* had to work with these. So he out he threw in a minor third scale in the bass,  a D-flat where the low F had been and so forth, in order to create a chord with SOHN's high notes. Finally, he added his own vocals to create a harmony with London Grammar.

Check out more D.V.S.' tracks below:


See you on the dancefloor,

Jesse Wheaton