Admit it, everyone secretly wishes to load a video onto YouTube and watch it go viral. I'm regaled with people's ideas for "the next big thing" and "how easy it will be" on a daily basis.

Sorry to be downer, but, this is not (usually!) the way it works. There are many variables that go into amassing millions of views.

Cue: the beat boxing Dubstep street performer in Milan, Italy. It was not until recently that this video blew up and accrued (at the moment of this post!) over 1.2 million views. The randomness of this video, coupled with the sheer talent of the man, has caused people to repost on facebook, twitter, blogs and even news sites everywhere.

It turns out, this is actually a guy by the name of David Crowe who was on the show, "Britains Got Talent" with Simon Cowell (See Below Video).

As you can see in the beat boxing video, families and young children are standing around him in amazement. Two young girls can be seen putting money in his box and one of the girls having a great time dancing to it. If they didn't know what Dubstep was before, they do now. David is extremely talented and I now await an agency to pick him up as a client and start booking him at nightclubs and festivals around the world-- maybe I'll give him a call. After all, he'll need a manager.