Following the release of his self-titled debut EP, Blackedout returns with another treat for us entitled “Champagne.” His downtempo style is easily comparable to XXYXX and Clams Casino, leaving the listener feeling spaced out and euphoric. This track feels like nothing short of an atmospheric musical journey.

Without the proper earphones or sound system you are doing a disservice to yourself, losing much of the wavy synths and layered melody that give ‘Champagne’ a distinctly large, big room sound. This is the kind of track that is silky smooth, seemingly rolling off your eardrums with ease; I found myself lost in this one over and over again.

With someone as unique and mysterious as Blackedout everyone should keep their ear to the ground. "Champagne" is available now for free download now, and we can expect a follow-up EP coming in Early 2014.

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