New York City's subways are most of the time, terrible places. Places filled with gross smells, manspreaders and way too many people... with emphasis on the way too many people part. Basically, the subways just have a dreary feel about them. Everyone is caught in the monotony of the work week, forced to snuggle up to complete strangers. They're just not happy places, and people generally don't wish to be bothered on them — for those not from New York, please take note.

One DJ, however, looked to bring some happiness to NYC subway riders with the power of music. On the video's YouTube page, AMK Productions writes to the viewers, "There's always something going on in the New York Subway - Music, art and entertainers to name a few, but one thing that's lacking is human interaction. We could be sitting next to a fellow commuter for quite sometime yet we don't say "hey buddy" and many a time avoid eye contact. Starting conversation is so important and to break down those imaginary walls I decided to take it to the next level and throw a DJ Dance Party on the Subway."

It's nice to see someone try to lift the spirits of people on the subway. If only more people had the same philosophy as the video's creators, there might be some more friendliness and interaction on the subways New Yorkers are forced to ride every day. Hopefully, this video inspires you to strike up conversation with a stranger on the subway. Just make sure its not me... I'm going to put my headphones in and pretend we didn't just make eye contact.