Klingande, formally known as Cédric Steinmyller, first bursted onto the scene with his melodic masterwork "Punga" that he released online, straight from his home in Croix, Nord, France.  However, it wasn't until his smash hit "Jubel" went No. 1 in 10 European nations including Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Italy, as well as becoming a top 5 hit in France, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands that we really got a taste for what Klingande is capable of producing.

The producer's affinity for Swedish culture has surfaced in his name, which means "sounding" or "chiming" in the Nordic language. Now he's had his way with the stems from one of Sweden's biggest names, Avicii, which shows why he's set for a major breakthrough.

"Divine Sorrow" is the lead single from Wyclef Jean's seventh studio album Clefication, and sees the artist's first ascent into the undeniable phenomenon that is EDM.  The song is a testament to overcoming adversity and celebrates the inevitable triumph of the oppressed, coming from Wyclef's personal experience.

"Divine Sorrow" also marks Avicii's 13th single on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart and sold almost 30,000 copies in its first week.  Klingande added his signature percussive plucks to steer the tune into a more relaxed direction from the original uptempo club-ready mix.  Both the remix and original come to us via Ash Pournouri's PRMD records as a continuation of the label's effort to fuse melodic dance music with more traditionally acoustic genres, creating intriguing products that both perk listeners' ears and set their hearts racing.

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