Full disclosure: I am a huge 311 fan. I’ve seen them perform live at least once every year for over a decade now, and have even traveled to other cities to catch their shows. I even got to meet them years ago, which was a big deal to me. So when I heard that 311 frontman Nick Hexum was going to do a guest spot on the new Disco Fries album, Autonomous (Liftoff Recordings), I was even more intrigued than normal to hear what the New York duo had up their sleeves.

Hearing their collaboration, titled “Head In The Clouds,” makes me wonder why Nick Hexum hasn’t been called up to provide vocals to other producer’s tracks yet. 311 songs preach positivity so lyrically, “Head In The Clouds” could fit perfectly within their catalogue of songs. Hexum’s vocal style compliments the Disco Fries brand of dance music quite well — there’s a certain playfulness with the delivery that matches the melodies of the song and make the track that much more catchy.

What’s interesting to note is that the Disco Fries have added some live instrumentation into their arrangements, which has been a growing trend within EDM lately. It’s a welcome change, and brings new musical elements into a genre run by DAWS and synths, but you have to wonder if producers are taking this route not to broaden their horizons, but to stave off attacks on their credibility of making “real” music.

Either way, “Head In The Clouds” is a well-produced track, and a great introduction for their new album. It’s also nice to see the Disco Fries reach out to singers they admire to collaborate on new music. Autonomous will also feature guest spots from Breathe Carolina, Hope Murphy and Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace. Check out the track above.

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