With a name and a background story like Neon Hitch's, it's easy to imagine anything from this British pop-meets-punk modern-day gypsy is bound to be unique and colorful. Her second track debut, "Gold," is certainly that - a glittering gem that hits all the right notes with an added slam of vocals by Young Money's hip hop star, Tyga. Here to take the track to the clubs, though (and to a whole new level of sound) are Nick Ditri and Danny Danger, known collectively as the Disco Fries. Their remix of "Gold" adds in a powerhouse bassline and schizoid synths for a re-working that crosses the threshold from danceable to rage-inspiring. Catch the remix's debuts just before the November 16th the release of the Fries' single "Don't Let Me Down," on Central Station/Ministry of Sound.

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