Back in February, Disclosure siblings and group members Guy & Howard Lawrence recently took the next step in their careers by starting up their own imprint — Method White. Disclosure finally returned with a brand new track, “Bang That.” The track brought a more energetic style than the dance-y garage-influenced sound they exhibited on their hit album Settle. This track, which is now available for stream on Spotify, was our first taste of the new music Disclosure has coming our way soon, which includes their new album the duo is currently working on — Caracal. They have now announced that the album is set for release on September 25. You can pre-order the album now on iTunes.

Also featured on the album is their newest track, “Holding On,” alongside New York-based Jazz/Soul vocalist Gregory Porter. Fans of the group will be pleased to know that it doesn’t seem they’ll be straying far from the sound that has made them famous, thanks to hit tracks like “Latch” and “White Noise,” which have certainly become fan-favorites in the dance scene. As we await the arrival of the new album, this track is one that will hold over their fan base, while hinting at the greatness that awaits the official release. “Holding On” is now available for stream on Spotify, and for purchase on iTunes via Island Records. Check out the teaser for the forthcoming album Caracal below.

Our new album 'CARACAL' is released 25th SeptemberPre-order now!Official Store:

Posted by Disclosure on Monday, June 8, 2015