New Years Eve has become one of the most important days of an entire year. It isn’t the day itself that gives the excitement, it is more about what it means. For some people, New Years Eve means having one last night to indulge into your vices one more time before starting off with a clean slate at the 1st of the year. Other people are so ready for the year to be over and New Years Eve is a celebration of ending a stressful year by bringing in a new one the right way—by dancing your booty off to some really good music. Whatever your vice is New Years Eve is a time to party.

There was a lot going on in Denver on NYE night but the one party that stood out the most was Decadence at the Colorado Convention Center. The 2nd annual Decadence, thrown by Triad Dragons and Sub.Mission, was an extravagant party filled with a handful of big time artist, visually stimulating light and laser set ups, theatrically themed dancers and entertainers, and ecstatic fans. Decadence lived up to its name by bringing in household names like Wolfgang Gartner, ATB, Zeds Dead, Mimosa, Flosstradamus, Rudee, and other local artist to help celebrate the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

There were a lot of great things about Decadence with just a few low points. Getting over the very minimal low points, the fans were conversing about how upset they were to see only one of the members of Flosstradamus. I talked to a fan, Joey, and he stated, “If you’re a group then you need to play together.” For the ones in the business, it makes sense for a DJ group to split up on nights like these but to the fans it disappoints them. Another odd thing of the night is that Wolfgang Gartner played at 9pm because he got double booked for a show in Phoenix. He played so early that a lot of people missed his set because of the long lines and others not realizing he was on so soon. These two things weren’t very major so the only faults don’t mean a whole lot. Fans are always going to be the toughest critiques.

Obviously, there are way more pros about this event because I left feeling great. One of the biggest highlights of the event was Krewella playing. They have been making their way up in the EDM charts and have only played in 2 times before this. To say it simply, Krewella killed it. The crowd was packed at this stage—extending all the way to the back—and they were going nuts, especially when their song “Alive” and “This is Not The End” dropped. Krewella has been hitting it hard this year and they have a lot to celebrate—their effortlessly growing fan base and success. They went from somewhat unknown to making their way into the DJ A-List and in EDM world that is becoming harder and harder to do. I believe all of Denver was proud to have Krewella celebrate their year with us all the way up to the countdown. I am so excited to see what they bring us in 2013 because this group is phenomenal and I’ve become obsessed.

Right after Krewella ender their last song the countdown began. Everyone heart is racing and start shouting out numbers in unison. It’s like everyone is holding his or her breath until the New Year had begun. Finally, the anticipation for the “HAPPY NEW YEAR” came. Confetti blasters were shooting off, white balloons were falling from the ceiling, and everyone was hugging and kissing each other. This feel good moment should have lasted forever because it was all smiles for many different reasons.

Mimosa was on the Sub.Mission bass stage during the time of the New Years. Mimosa had been under the radar for the past couple of years and I think he has officially made his comeback. The fans were extremely ecstatic that he has transformed his glitch hop ways into booty bouncing trap music. Compared to a couple of other artist on the bass stage Mimosa dominated. He was playing all the songs no one has heard before and everyone was going bonkers for it. I have always said that when MTV takes EDM more seriously Mimosa will be apart of it. He has the look, the stage presence, the attitude, and the banging tunes. I hear he has a new album that is dropping pretty soon and what we heard at Decadence was a preview. All I can say is that was a great preview and will be buying that album as soon as it comes out! I see a future of Mimosa climbing up the music ladder and I cannot wait.

Lastly, one of my highpoints at Decadence was ATB. I have never really listened to his music before and have never seen him play either. I was pleasantly surprised and that eventually turned into excitement. ATB played an eclectic mix of trance and electro house that fueled the crowd with more energy. Being the end of the year, or the beginning of a new one, you would think that hearing the overplayed anthems of 2012 might make some people annoyed but it didn’t. When ATB dropped Calvin Harris’ “Close to You” everyone smiles got wider. It was a soothing feeling, really, and a great way to bring in the New Year with a feel good song. It just felt right. ATB impressed me more than what I expected and that makes a good DJ a great DJ.

Denver had a lot of other things going on for NYE but Decadence took the title of best party because of the professionalism of the promoters, the DJs bringing their A-game, the entertainers putting extreme energy into their choreographed routines, and the fans that were having a great time but weren’t going too crazy. Triad Dragon’s and Sub.Mission are well known in Denver for a reason—for throwing some of the best parties Denver has ever experienced. If it weren’t for them our EDM community wouldn’t be as strong as it is today. Overall, Decadence turned out to be a really good time with just the right amount of sin.

Photos By: Stacy Morrow

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