Aside from being a talented DJ/producer, David Heartbreak is a romancer. Basically, he knows how to treat the ladies right. If you find yourself lucky enough to land a date with the rising star, you can expect him to utilize his skills in the kitchen, as well as his knowledge of movies for a night of dinner and movies.

David let us in on some of his secret weapons for a dinner & a movie date. Check them out below.

Flick Picks

Half Baked

'Half Baked' poster.
"'Half Baked' with Dave Chapelle... That’s my shit."


'Clerks' movie poster.
"One of the 'Clerks'... we’d watch 'Clerks.'"

40 Year Old Virgin

40 Year Old Virgin movie poster.
"'40 Year Old Virgin' is funny – I’m into comedies."

Coming To America

'Coming To America' movie poster.
"We’d watch 'Coming to America.'"

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman movie poster.
"You can put 'Pretty Woman' in there too because chicks like that."

And for dinner?

Fettucine Alfredo with white wine.
"Would have to be something Italian. Fetiicunii Alfredo with some nice white wine. Candles. You going to do it, you got to do it right. Some bread… nah mean?"

We'll just cue the music now...

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