There is a buzz you can just feel in the air today. The mall has been packed with people. The restaurants are booming. The hotels are jumping. The airport is running out of room to park private jets. This is no ordinary weekend in just another mega city. As much as it sounds like another weekend in Las Vegas, the truth is we are on the other side of the planet, and we're in a place where acronyms rule. TID; "This is Dubai," the Las Vegas of the Middle East, where what happens in Dubai, stays in Dubai. Headlining concerts in this part of the world is not too frequent for DJs as it is in most US cites, as Dubai is usually a once-a-year stop for most tours. So when David Guetta is in the region, planning begins months in advance, so all of the neighboring country's princes can gas their jets and make sure they are in town for this event. Dubai's Saudi neighbors rank number #1 on the "let's go and rage" list, and not to mention all Americans and Ex-Patriot "Brits" living abroad fly in from places like Quartar, Lybia, Syria, and Oman. It's safe to say any ballers who live in Abu Dabi have booked all the rooms at the Atlantis months in advance. However, there are some many classes of people from all over the world in this city. Tonight, it's all about the music, and they will all rave together!

Written by: Adam Norotsky