The globe’s collective temperature is heating up, and this time it’s not because of global warming. Our favorite French androids titillated us again over the weekend with yet another far too short snippet of “Get Lucky”, a track off of Random Access Memories featuring Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams. A short minute and a half clip of the four playing out a bit of the track was played on a screen out in Coachella on Saturday (see here), sending festival goers and the blogosphere into a fantastic disco-infused frenzy. Wrongly assuming we have recovered from yet another one of their blitz attacks, Daft Punk gives us more excitement with the release of the fourth episode of their The Collaborators series, this time featuring Williams himself. He speaks about getting in touch with the robots in Paris and their common and almost transcendental desire to return to groove. While everyone on the planet begs for May 21st to get here as soon as possible (the elektro office already knows all of the yet-tobe-fully-released track’s lyrics by heart!), we’ll have to contend ourselves with the fleeting power of the replay button. Check out the magic yourself above!

Written by: Brian Merlano

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