With each release of their (hopefully never-ending) “Random Access Memories” behind-the-scenes series “The Collaborators”, Daft Punk keeps raising the stakes and anxiety among fans worldwide for the May 21st U.S. release of their first full production since 2011’s “Tron” soundtrack. This week the legendary French androids take us way back into the vibrant dance floors of 70’s disco with one and only Nile Rodgers. Producing pillars of contemporary pop and dance tracks – Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”, David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, and Chic’s “Le Freak” to name only a few – Rodgers provides an unquantifiable amount of authority and sheer talent to this much anticipated project, clearly visible throughout his interview through his genuine excitement and admiration for his work with Daft Punk. If you weren’t already bursting at the seams from excitement for “Random Access Memories” for some extremely weird reason, make sure to check out the video for yourself below. You’ll be sure have shivers at the end of the episode as you realize just how big this is going to be!

Written by: Brian Merlano

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