Elektro was impressed with the musical mixture Diplo and Usher concocted when "Climax" was first released in February ... not that we were surprised. Diplo's longtime career of genre-bending productions and collaborations with pop acts such as M.I.A., Beyoncé and No Doubt, combined with the vocal range and basic star-since-birth, Usher-- we knew something easy on the ears was coming.

Naturally, the remix has arrived straight from Flosstradamus and Diplo.

Extra tapppety taps taps on the snare are hypnotic, as are the quick rim shots that add a drum n' bass vibe. Harrowing undertones that loom throughout are a cross between house and R&B. This tune is unidentifiable, so we say, just call the genre, "Dope."

What do you think?

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