If you haven’t stumbled across a Craig Williams track as of yet, or maybe found yourself at, lets say, Chicago’s Lollapalooza for one of his live performances, here’s your chance to familiarize yourself with the man behind the jet black mane. The Aussie born, now Los Angeles resident, is known for his passion in all things underground, and his new EP exemplifies his influences.

This three-track creation entitled, Away, comes to you by way of the notable, Nervous Records. With a gritty Jimmy Edgar feel, this techno power triad has you wondering what back alley Berlin club you just wondered into. True to form, each track has an uptempo beat with a unique set of elecktro-funk vocals. With enough droning synths to round out this EP’s minimal, edgy feel, we might have found a reason to declare today Techno Tuesday.

You can pick up this release of underground club-ready tunes on Beatport via Nervous Records.